Giltrap G2 Round Bale Feeder

Designed to feed out all types of round bales, the G2 Bale Feeder will also handle a few square bales when you need to, including silage and hay. The cradle design maintains a low centre of gravity and retains the bale securely in the machine, making it great for working on and around hills.

The G2 can be loaded from both ends and can feed out in either direction. The feeding rate is operator controlled from the tractor for the desired feed row size.

To make life easier, the G2 can be connected/driven at either end. This will reduce tractor movement and therefore save time.

If you are looking for a simple, robust bale feeder with more than 25 years of design behind it you can't go past a G2.

Key Features

  • Fork tines have guide plates and bushes to ensure a snug fit in the cradle
  • Fork tines bolted in for ease of repair or replacement
  • 3 point linkage mounts are close to the main cradle reducing overhanging weight
  • Hydraulic motor safely enclosed inside the headstock frame
  • Strong rolled RHS headstock
  • Floating top link slot
  • Zinc plated bars and feed chains
  • Tapered teeth on bars release feed easily and don't break off
  • No ball bearings to fail
  • Drive shafts are fully enclosed so hay and silage won't wrap
  • Stainless steel adjusters for easy feed chains adjustment
  • Feeds from both sides
  • Full length skid feet for stability and reduces catching on uneven ground

6mm zinc plated bolt on bars

Stainless steel adjusters for easy feed chain adjustment

The spring loaded locking pin latches the headstock to the feeding cradle, and its position close to the motor guarantees the dog drive stays engaged during operation

2 ¼" high tensile tapered fork tines are used to load bales. One tine is longer to simplify the reattachment to the feeding cradle

Connects to the forks from both ends to speed up the loading process

Full width stainless steel bed for chopped bales

G2 Round Bale Feeder Specifications

  • G2
  • 1.74m
  • 1.02m
  • 2.03m
  • 520kg
  • 7500lb 3” roller
  • Yes
  • Category 2
  • 2-1/4" High Tensile
Optional Extras

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Hydraulic latch kit

Upgrade the standard rope pull release to a hydraulic latch to assist with unlatching the bale cradle from the loading forks